Return Information

Our customer service will help with returns and exchanges individually and provide detailed instructions for the return of products. Please contact us for more information:

When you want to return a delivered order, please include your name and contact information with the return delivery, as well as your bank details for refund purposes. We will refund your payment for the order without delay under the Consumer Protection Act.

Returns & Exchanges Policy

As a consumer, you have the right under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act to withdraw from the contract by notifying us of your withdrawal within 14 days of having received the goods or the final shipment of goods, or in the case of regular delivery of goods the first shipment of goods.

The right of withdrawal only applies to unused and uninstalled products, and any returned products must be in their original packaging and properly packed for the return delivery.

If a transaction is cancelled, the goods must be returned without delay and no later than within 14 days of giving notice of the withdrawal to our Return Address. No additional markings can be made on returned packages. The customer returning goods must, where necessary, be able to provide proof that the goods were returned within the specified time, such as a return receipt, for example. The customer returning goods must pay the cost of the return delivery. The customer will not be reimbursed for these costs.

Restriction of the Right of Return and Withdrawal

The rights of exchange and return do not apply to made-to-measure products, such as our Custom product ranges (Custom Lamiwood, Custom Silestone) or the Pisara Valopeili backlit mirrors. The rights of exchange and return do not apply to products that have been ordered specifically for the customer and to which modifications differing from the basic features of the product range have been made (products sold against orders). The restriction of the right of withdrawal and the right of return is based on the provisions of chapter 6, section 16 of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act on products manufactured or customized to the customer’s specifications.

Pisara bathroom furniture sets (Miilu, Soilu, Kitka, Leili) and Pisara cabinets can be returned and are subject to the regular 14-day rights of return and exchange, even if the furniture is customized (using the standard options) and manufactured upon order (using standard measurements).

Inspection of the shipment, Defects and Problems

Please inspect the delivery as soon as you receive it. If a product has gone missing or been damaged during transport or is otherwise nonconformant with your order or is defective, please notify our Customer Service as soon as possible and no later than within 14 days so that we can agree on the rectification of the situation or possible compensation. A defective product may not be installed in any way. With regard to defects, we comply with the mandatory regulations of the Consumer Protection Act concerning the liability for defects in consumer transactions.