Custom Silestone

60-300 CM | 1-4 Vanity cabinets
Customizable high-end bathroom unit

Custom Silestone

60-300 CM


Colors: Matte white, grey, black, oak and smoked oak
Product ID (SKU)PI-2200
Height690 mm
Depth460 mm (Pisara L) or 515 (Pisara XL)
Wash basin / Vanity topSilestone Armony, Silestone Elegance
Vanity top finish12 Silestone-colours
Cabinet coloursMatte white, grey, black, oak, and smoked oak
Cabinet types 1 or 2 drawers, 1-2 doors, combine up to 4 cabinets

Installation instructions, Dimension images, AutoCAD- & ArchiCAD-files

Nordic design meets Mediterranean elegance.

Custom Silestone L/XL is a customizable bathroom unit that combines durable Pisara vanity cabinets with the luxurious Silestone tops. You can freely combine different finishes, sizes, basin models and added functionalities to create furniture solutions with character. Designed for creating a stunning bathroom that radiates luxury.

The Pisara vanity cabinets are made from Lamiwood, a premium furniture material made in Finland. Its core is 100% Finnish birchwood and the surface is coated with a velvety matte finish that feels pleasant to the touch.

VANITY CABINETS Pisara XL 1400 (900 + 500) Black frame + Oak front TOP Silestone Armony 1600 PULLS Shell, Brushed Black FAUCET Tapwell ARM071 Matte Black MIRROR Pisara Light Mirror 1100 L, 3000K

Velvety matte Finish

The velvety matte texture feels pleasant to the touch.


Frame made from Lamiwood. Finnish birchwood brings the durability of public space furniture into private homes.


Renewable materials. Environmentally conscious manufacturing. Long lifespan.

Made in Finland
Made in Finland

High quality with over 40 years of experience.

long-lasting elegance

We selected Cosentino from Spain as our Pisara partner because we share the same values. Cosentino is devoted to excellence in quality in all its processes, from design to the materials. The company has also been awarded several prestigious environmental certificates.

The Silestone quartz composite countertops by Cosentino are the perfect choice of material for a bathroom. They are scratch-resistant, antibacterial, and resist impact better than traditional stone countertops.

two basin model options

You can choose from two basin options, the timelessly sophisticated Elegance and the magnificently designed Armony sloping basin. The price includes a chrome Tapwell drain valve.

Silestone Armony vinoallas
Silestone Armony basin
Silestone Elegance pesuallas
Silestone Elegance basin

lamiwood & silestone

Pisara Custom
— Customizable Luxury

Interior decorator Billy Baldwin said it best: ‘Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.’ Make your individual wishes come true with the Pisara Custom collection.

Pisara Custom models provide plenty of options to choose from. Adapt the design to perfectly suit your style and space. Create striking, unique designs by combining different colours, vanity tops, cabinet and basin models and accessories. Units up to 300 cm wide with four vanity cabinets. Ideal for spacious bathrooms.

Personalize your Pisara

Create a bathroom that coordinates beautifully with your home. The Pisara collection was designed to be customized. Find your model and choose the cabinet type, pulls, finish and even the colour of the front at no extra charge. Add the final touches to your design with handy accessories.

allaskaappi kahdella vetolaatikolla

With two drawers

Two spacious drawers in a tall frame. Soft-close as a standard feature. Push-open and Organizer as an optional accessory.

With Doors

A vanity cabinet with a door and two shelves. Cabinets under 60 cm with one door, larger ones with two. Push-open as an optional accessory.

Allaskaappi yhdella vetolaatikolla

With one drawer

This stylish one-drawer fixture frees up floor space. Soft-close as a standard feature. Push-open and Organizer as an optional accessory.

Choose from five finishes for visible surfaces: velvety matte white, grey and black or the elegant wood pattern oak or dark smoked oak. You can choose a different finish for the front and for the frame at no extra charge. The inner parts of the cabinet are coated with durable, white double melamine coating.

allaskaappi vari valkoinen


Matte White

allaskaappi vari harmaa


Warm Matte Grey

allaskaappi vari musta


Matte Black

allaskaappi vari savutammi 2

Smoked Oak

Download texture

Choose from three models: the sleek Wing (Siipi) and Mini Wing (Minisiipi) or the rounded Shell (Simpukka). Change the look of your fixture with different finishes. For the drawer models, you can also choose a minimalist handle-free look with the optional push-open accessory.

Siipi / Wing

Siipi ja Mini Siipi have sleek brushed metal finish. Finishes: Black, Copper, Brass, Grey and Aluminium.

Simpukka / Shell

Simpukka pulls with brushed metal or matte finish. Finishes: Matte White, Matte Black, Brushed Black, Brushed Aluminium, Brushed Copper

OTHER PULLS We offer a large collection of pulls for an extra price. Please contact us for requests.


  • Depth of the fixture determines the size S – XL
  • Depth is determined by the model
Pisara S (Soilu)350–385 mm
Pisara M (Kitka, Miilu)390–450 mm
Pisara L (Leili, Custom)455–495 mm
Pisara XL (Custom)500 < mm


  • Tall: Cabinets with two drawers or doors are always 640 mm (without basin/top)
  • Low: Cabinets with one drawer are always 320 mm (without basin/top)


Every 10 cm, from 30 cm to 120 cm. Please note that all vanity unit models are not available in every width. With custom models, you can combine 1-4 cabinets.

Pisara Allaskaappi

300 mm

Allaskaappi L400

400 mm

Allaskaappi L300

500 mm

Allaskaappi L600

600 mm

Allaskaappi L700

700 mm

Allaskaappi L800

800 mm

Allaskaappi L900

900 mm

1000 mm

Allaskaappi L1100

1100 mm

Pisara Allaskaappi leveys 1200 mm

1200 mm

Combine Greater

With customizable Custom Lamiwood and Custom Silestone vanity units you can combine 1-4 cabinets to create more width and space. Maximum widh is 300 cm!

Example image: 1400 mm width, 515 mm depth, four drawers fixture by combining Pisara XL Two drawers 500 and 900.

Push open


The push-open latch is a mechanism that allows you to open and close drawers and doors with one push. A handle-free cabinet gives your design a modern, sleek look.

Available for: All Vanity cabinets

Kalustejalat allaskaappiin

Furniture Legs

Round furniture legs for Pisara size L and XL vanity cabinets. Adjustable height. Diameter 30/33 mm. Material stainless steel.

Available for: Tall Vanity cabinets (2 drawers, Doors)

Lokerikko allaskaappiin

Drawer Organizer

This handy drawer organizer keeps all your small bathroom necessities in order. Material Lamiwood. Colour white, the same as the interior frame of the fixture. Two sizes. Recommended to be used with the drawer mat.

Available for: Fits all drawers, excluding the top drawers of the Soilu, Miilu and Kitka models with a width under 800 mm. Also fits the bottom drawers of these models.

Tapwell Stopper

Create a polished, coherent look in your bathroom with a Tapwell drain stopper. Seven different finishes. Fits all basins in the Pisara collection.

Pop-up model 74400. Fixed, non-closable model 68400.

Available for: 68400 fits all basins and sinks, 74400 fits all but Tapwell metal sinks

Lamiwood läpileikkaus

Pisara Vanity cabinets

Choose the best. Quality extends from the matte laminate surface deep inside the birch core of the Pisara vanity cabinets.

A fixture that embodies premium Nordic quality. A modern and practical design where all the details and finishes are carefully crafted.

The drawers have the soft-close mechanism as a standard feature. The tall frame and deep drawers minimize wasted space, providing more storage space for your essentials.