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Accessories & Taps for Pisara Bathrooms

The final touches to your style. Improve the functionality of your bathroom. Hand-picket faucets to fit perfectly with Pisara Collection.

Tapwell Stoppers

Create a polished, coherent look in your bathroom with a Tapwell drain stopper. 9 different finishes. Pop-up model 74400. Fixed, non-closable model 68400.

Real gold has been used to create the Honey Gold colour, giving it a fine sheen.

REJ Design Towel Rails

High-quality REJ Design towel rails are hand-made in Finland. The material is antibacterial, rust-proof, and long-lasting copper. There is no liquid inside the tower rails and their energy consumption is low. Available with a timer or a power switch. 5-year warranty.

REJ pyyhekuivaimet
Kitka allaskaappi altaalla 80 cm - yhdellä vetolaatikolla

Handle-free Kitka cabinet with Push open -accessory.

Cabinet Accessories

Improve the functionality of the Pisara Vanity cabinets.

Push open

Push open

The push-open latch is a mechanism that allows you to open and close drawers with one push. Available for all Pisara vanity cabinets with a drawer. A handle-free cabinet gives your design a modern, sleek look.

Allaskaapin lokerikko


This handy drawer organizer keeps all your small bathroom necessities in order. Material Lamiwood. Colour white, the same as the interior frame of the fixture. Two sizes. Recommended to be used with the drawer mat.

Kalustejalat allaskaappiin

furniture legs

Round furniture legs for Pisara size L and XL vanity cabinets. Adjustable height. Diameter 30/33 mm. Material stainless steel.

Bathroom Faucets

Hand-picked Tapwell-faucets for Pisara Vanity units.

Tapwell ARM069 pesuallashana messinki

Tapwell ARM069

Bathroom faucet with metallic bidé. 8 finishes.

Tapwell ARM071 pesuallashana messinki

Tapwell ARM071

Bathroom faucet. 9 finishes.

Tapwell BI071 pesuallashana messinki

Tapwell BI071

Bathroom faucet. 9 finishes.

Tapwell BI069 Pesuallashana käsisuihkulla messinki

Tapwell BI069

Bathroom faucet with metallic bidé. 8 finishes.